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From the very spark of igniting an idea, to sketching its design, and planning its development our solution unites endless possibilities by harnessing the technology of industry stalwarts such as OpenText, Autodesk, Anacle, Causeway Technologies, Cadi Scientific and Intelligent InSites at every step of the way.

Our stable middleware anchors Building Information Modelling in Computer-aided Facilities Management services and integrates diverse sophisticated features such as RFID and asset tracking, and all this can be easily accessed in the palm of your hand.

Electronic Document Management System

The Electronic Document Management System is a coalescence of both environmental friendliness and efficiency allowing you to seamlessly create, control and track your documents from anywhere in the world - in collaboration with OpenText, we offer you the liberation of a paperless office experience.

Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling is a revolutionary mode of understanding the systems, parts and processes of a building through three-dimensional digital representation. Autodesk’s state-of-the-art software empowers clients to articulate ideas, amplify productivity and make better-informed decisions through various phases in the lifecycle of a building, be it planning, design, construction, management or demolition.

Computer Aided Facilities Management

Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) consists of strategic database systems that expedite processes of operation, maintenance, management and security of a building enabling it to support and facilitate core operations of an organization, in a cost-effective and energysaving manner. Our signature range streamlines Anacle’s solution in congruence with the needs of the healthcare industry and includes asset management, maintenance management, inventory management and space management modules.

The Intelligent Insites solution fuels asset tracking processes that enable healthcare clientele to optimize patient care and experience, and carry out data collection in a cost-effective manner. Its key feature is the robust real-time location system (RTLS) software platform which engages in not only data gathering, but also nuanced and meaningful delivery of this information. In an age of pandemics, this technology is not only a tool, but a promising panacea.

Radio-Frequency Identification

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are microchips constituting an intelligent barcode system that transfer identification data to a network system. These chips are attached to various equipment and facilitate the monitoring of movement, location and use of physical assets, a process known as asset tracking. We mobilise Cadi Scientific’s novel hardware to give you greater control, accountability and efficiency, and reduces unnecessary costs by eliminating human error incidence or idle equipment use.


What’s more, the magical touch of our unique product, Akshara effortlessly captures, integrates and transfers data from your BIM to the CAFM system, assuring interoperability regardless of individual differences in programming languages.

Our Mobile App

At Auberon, we want to empower users to enjoy effective interaction with the system regardless of their mode of choice: web-based interface, desktop, laptop, smartphone or smart device, or sensor interface. Users are able access and read information from the central server or communicate with other users who may be using different devices, paving way for cross-platform applications and additional provisions will be made to accommodate clients who require varying levels of security and access to information in tandem with their institutional infrastructure.

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Our Projects

  • CAFM Projects with SEHA

    • Airport Clinic-abudhabi
    • Al Khatim
    • Al Maqtaa
    • Mr-al Nahda
    • Al Samha
    • Al Shahama
    • Baniyas Clinic
    • Dpsc Mussafah
    • Jarnyafor Clinic
    • Jarnyafor Store
    • Khalifa-a
    • Mafraq Dental Center
    • Mobile Clinic
    • Mohamed Bin Zayed City Clinic
    • School Health-abudhabi
    • Al Khaznah
    • Al Maqam
    • Al Muwaiji
    • Al Niyadat
    • Al Qua
    • Al Shwaib
    • Al Yahar
    • Dpsc Alain
    • Mazyed
    • Remah
    • School Health-al Ain
    • Sweihan
    • Zakher
    • Musaffah Clinic
    • Al Mushrif Clinic
    • Shamkha Clinic
    • Abu Dhabi Dental Center
    • Al Bateen Clinic
    • Al Dhafra Dental Center
    • Al Itihad Clinic
    • Al Khaleej Clinic
    • Al Madina Clinic
    • Al Manhal Clinic
    • Al Rawdha Clinic
    • Al Zafarana Clinic
    • Dpsc Abu Dhabi
    • Zayed University
    • Al Faqaa
    • Al Hayer
    • Al Hilli
    • Higher College Of Technology
    • New Oud Al Toba
    • Biomedical -al Ain
    • New Sweihan Clinic
    • New Al Yaher Clinic
    • Dpsc Mirfa
    • School Health
    • Dpsc Madinat Zayed
    • Dpsc Ghayati
    • Al Ain Dental Center
    • Al Masoudi
    • Oud Al Toba
    • Al Khabisi
    • Jahili
    • Neima
  • CAFM Projects with SEHA

    • Bainoona Clinic(inActive)
    • Abu Al-abiad Clinic
    • Beda Mutawa
    • Sair Baniyas Clinic
    • ADhafra Family Medical Center
    • Delma Hospital
    • Ghayathi Hospital
    • Liwa Hospital
    • Madinat Zayed Hospital
    • Marfaa Hospital
    • Silla Hospital
    • Al Ain Hospital
    • Tawam Hospital
    • Al Wagan
    • Blood Bank
    • Al Mafraq
    • New Al Mafraq
    • Mdc
    • Corniche
    • Skmc
    • Abu Dhabi Blood Bank
    • Diabetic Center
    • Khalidiya Urgent Care
    • Behavioral Science Pavillion
    • Al Rahba
  • EDMS Construction PROJECTS - SEHA

    • Skmc Ed
    • Admrc
    • Al Ain Hospital
    • New Skmc
    • Skmc Dialysis Center
    • Skmc Mosque
    • Al Shamkha Ahc
    • Al Khaleej Ahc
    • Al Musriff Ahc
    • Khalifa City B Ahc
    • Al Daher Ahc
    • Al Khabisi Ahc
    • Al Wagan Hospital
    • Al Rahba Er Expansion
    • Dpsc Mussafah
    • Dpsc Abu Dhabi
    • Sweihan Ahc
    • Mohamed Bin Zayed Ahc
    • Al Towayya Ahc
    • Al Zakher Ahc
    • Al Fallah Ahc
    • Necc
    • Skmc Royal & VIP
    • Mafraq Dialysis Center
  • EDMS Construction Projects


    SEHA Business Entities

    • Ghayathi
    • Tawam Dialysis Center
    • Silaa Hospital
    • Al Hilli Ahc
    • Oud Al Toba
    • Al Yaher Ahc
    • Al Hayer Ahc
    • Al Zafraana Ahc
    • Old Al Bahia
    • Al Mafraq Hospital
    • Musanada Internal
    • Al Ain Hospital
    • Tawam Hospital
    • Skmc & Al Corniche
    • Al Gharbia Hospitals
    • Seha Dialysis Services (sds)
    • Al Rahba Hospital
    • Mafraq Hospital
    • Ambulatory Health Services (ahs)
    • Seha Head Office
    • Icme Abu Dhabi Office
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Our BIM Projects

We are pleased to have worked with the following hospitals for BIM services.

DPSC Hospital Abu Dhabi

The New Al Ain Hospital

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